5th Tourism World International Conference


We invite professional and academic papers for presentation at our 2020 Tourism World International conference.


De Tourism World International is billed to hold its yearly Commercial/Agro Tourism Conference & awards dinner post covid-19 on Friday September 23, 2022 in Lagos at Darius Place by Golden Tulip Festac, Amuwo Odofin G.R.A, Lagos (1pm - 6pm). Expected participants include tourism and hospitality professionals, Reserchers, senior government officials, Industry-Graduate and prospective students in the sector, investors and entrepreneurs, brokers and international brand representatives.




This year's theme is "Education and Tourism Enterprenuership as key to Unemployment reduction." 




Attendees will be offered the current edition of De Tourism World International Magazine.



This year's theme is "Education and Tourism Enterprenuership as key to Unemployment reduction." 


Inquiries and Papers to be sent to admin@tourismworldinter-national.com

Uwakwe Solomon

Executive Director



De Tourism World Inter-National presents Tourism in Research & Practice from Thursday 28th September to Sunday October 1st, 2017.

Theme: Investment in Infrastructure, Commercial & Agro-Tourism, as a catalyst for sustainable development, wealth and job creation.

Venue:Golden Tulip Hotel & Conference Center, Amuwo Odofin G.R.A, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tourism turns attractive places to destinations, but with the right infrastructural development and exceptional management. It creates jobs through its commercial activities. It changes people and adds value to host communities thereby reducing crisis and rural-urban migration. Agro-tourism as a sub-set is an answer to food security, poverty reduction and unemployment. When the socioeconomic development foundation is laid and the structures positively put in place sustainability becomes the bedrock to keep the system intact. In keeping pace with the TWI previous conference themes that seek to encourage and promote commercial and agro-tourism, activate change, empower people, inspire and create networking opportunities,  De Tourism World International invites the academic community to come and share their findings at the 2017 Tourism World International Commercial / Aggro Tourism Conference.     

Golden Tulip Hotel & Conference Center, Amuwo Odofin, G.R.A , Lagos offers a unique setting for this international Conference. Practitioners can tell the story of tourism exploration and practice, linking and crafting values with experiences, researchers need to instill action by introducing case studies results, presenting new ideas/strategies with fresh models and methods. In this conference we seek to share and co-create tourism future that will lead to real development, sustainability, wealth and job creation. We welcome abstracts that address the following themes:

  • Importance of Agro-tourism for sustainable development
  • Agric-tourism: social and economic importance
  • Significance of infrastructural development to an emerging economy
  • Agriculture: Subsistence and Commercial for food and national building.
  • Social networks and tourism marketing
  • Role of infrastructure in national development
  • Investment management and best practices
  • Framing tourism futures
  • Hospitality, Location and the Environment.
  • Eco tourism and environmental benefits of tourism
  • Sustainable and responsible tourism
  • Human resource management in hospitality and tourism
  • Effective Hospitality management principle and procedures
  • Entrepreneurship and Economic empowerment
  • Significance of Agricultural business and options
  • Agro-tourism: history and modern practice
  • Cultural legacy and preservation
  • Destination Marketing and management
  • Promotion of decrease in rural urban migration
  • Grass root tourism development and host community relationship
  • Empowerment and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship, Investment and Capital sourcing.

Abstracts and full papers addressing themes related to the above may also be suitable; however their connection to the above call must be clearly stated.

Confirmed International and Indigenous Keynote Speakers:

*PROF DR I.C GUPTA, Dean Management & Tourism D.A University Indore INDIA, Professor Emeritus Oriental University Indore, Expert Management/Tourism Visiting Professor in France, Thailand, Mauritius and Bhutan.

*Dr. Anand Bethapudi, Associate professor &HOD (Management), National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management, India.

*Elke Dens, Marketing director at Visit Flanders, Chairman Marketing Group at European Travel Commission, Belgium.

*Mr. Bruce Prince, International Hospitality and Tourism Expert, South Africa

*Luis Costa, Travel Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expert at InovTourism, Potugal.

* Jean-Paul Haenen, Destination Development Expert, CEO at KWAN Leisure, Netherlands.

Dr Joseph Onwumere, Associate Professor, Rural & Agribusiness development Expert, Nigeria.

*Dr. Navid Mollaee, University Lecturer, International Keynote Speaker, MBA Lecturer at University of Tehran, Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran, Iran.

Alh. Abubakar Abdullahi, Greenhouse Aggro-Tourism Expert, Chairman, Aiida Agro Services, Limited, Ghana.

Alh Mohammed Sheriff, Retired Tourism Director, Fellow Institute of Tourism Professional of Nigeria.

Dr. Wasiu A. Babalola, Group Managing Director/CEO Ecosignature Hospitality Services (member of Ecosignature Services UK Ltd).

Key Guides and Deadline for submission of Abstracts and Papers:

Abstracts (500 words max): July 21st, 2017

Full Papers (max 4000 words): 15th August, 2017

Participation Cost

Paper coordination and publication $25 (N9, 500)

Conference Registration for academic research paper presenters $25 (N9, 500)

Total Conference Registration for international academic research paper presenters @75.

Time Schedule:

Thursday September 28th, 2017 @ 4pm (conference venue) - Arrivals and registration

Friday September 29th, 2017 - 10am to 3pm: Opening reception, Key note presentations, Seminar/Workshop.

Saturday September, 30th, 2017 -10am to 2pm: Academic Research paper presentations.

Saturday September, 30th 2017 - 6.30pm to 9pm: Symposium and Gala Dinner.

Sunday October 1st 10 am - Organized Sightseeing tour for international guests

Conference organizers obligation: *Conference kit *Conference proceedings *Tea breaks *Gala Dinner * Certificate of Participation.


Official Hotel: Golden Tulip Hotel & Conference Center Amuwo Odofin, G.R.A, Lagos.

Averagely nightly rate @ N27, 000 to N65, 000.

Nearby Hotels: Semper Diamond Hotel, Celebrity Hotel, Vic-james Apartments, Domani Suites. Average nightly rate @ N6, 500 to N8, 500.

#All academic papers for presentation at the conference should be directed to the Academic Research/Publications Director: Email: tourismworldconferences@gmail.com with copy to: admin@tourismworldinter-national.com; Subject: Academic Paper for Presentation

#Papers for publication on the TW International Journal of Research in Tourism, Socioeconomics, Agriculture & Contemporary businesses should be forwarded to:tourismworldjournals@gmail.com; with copy to: admin@tourismworldinter-national.com; Subject: Academic Paper for Publishing.

Academic paper presenters desirous of having their paper published on both the conference proceedings and the research journal should signify with the subject:   Academic Paper for Presentation and Publishing

For General inquiries, Contact TWI organizing team on: +2348023037133, +2348077675102                                             www.tourismworldinter-national.com/noticeboard



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